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The operations manual helps the organization members carry out their tasks reliably and efficiently with consistent results.

A good manual will reduce human error and inform everyone precisely what they need to do, who they are responsible for, and who they are responsible for.

Over eight out of ten companies use formal policies and manual procedures, a survey of over 1,000 business owners found. But less than three percent of workers use their company's OM after their initial training period. This mistake fails to take advantage of OM's essential benefits. Having your standard operating procedures documented makes it easier to train new employees, saves time, makes your business more scalable, reduces liability risks, and adds market value to your company.

A significant benefit of an OM is saving time.


When new employees have reference material available, they know where to go when they have questions, enabling them to get answers more quickly and wasting less time. At the same time, they don't need to ask the many questions of other employees, saving these workers' time. Additionally, the standard operating manual saves time for experienced workers who have questions or need a review.

The Operating Manual is prepared based on the company's current practices described by those who carry out each procedure in an easy-to-reference format. The updating and continuous improvement process are more manageable with a well-crafted OM.

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