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Creating a business plan is no easy task. It can be made simpler and more effective by working through it with Rozov Martino or MMartino.

Ultimately getting your thoughts down on paper will prove invaluable for obtaining start-up funding or most effective directions and thus the potential future success of your enterprise.

Your business plan will serve as a key point of reference for investors, partners, employees, and management to gauge progress against objectives.

Developing a clear plan and strategy will focus your mind. What resources will you need and when to achieve each of your goals? This provides you with clarity as to how much needs to be invested at each stage of the business lifecycle.

You'll then know when you're going to need cash injections based on likely cash flow.

As an entrepreneur, where should your efforts and concentrations be centered on? It’s a common issue. The early days of starting out can be very chaotic. There’s so much to set up, think about, implement and develop. It’s an emotional roller coaster of mass excitement and sharp shots of anxiety. Amid all this and with an ever-mounting in-tray of to-do’s, you can fast lose track of what’s important.

When writing a business plan, you’re defining exactly what your organization is today and then intend to become tomorrow. This coherence concerning the purpose of your business and the direction in which you’re heading is invaluable. Doing this means you’ll understand what needs to be implemented to move forward.

These are vital matters to address early on. Growth primarily comes as usual through new customers and achieving repeat customs.

This then determines your progress towards profitability. By mapping this all out on paper we will together be giving yourself yardsticks to work towards.

This means all tasks that you as the entrepreneur should focus on should be geared towards achieving your next goal. In a nutshell that’s where your focus should be.

We have a Business Plan for 3 years, 4 years, and for 5 years. This depends on your company's needs and whether it is starting or even in the process of adjusting its course, as sometimes companies start to operate without a BP.


The values of each Business Plan option will be determined in a meeting based on a questionnaire so that your company presents the scope and objectives (full detail) and understands what results and information the BP will bring and which will not bring.


Our BPs present the cash flow with 2 scenarios: break-even and that based on the projection of sales and units and structure provided by the company, bringing the respective investment return rates, net present value, and net margin.

We do not provide “marketing plan”, “market research”, “balance sheets, or income statements”.

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